VERITAS : Orchestra

The Veritas Orchestra is a London-based 18-piece jazz ensemble that has been expressly conceived as a hybrid ensemble that bridges the gap between a 'chamber orchestra' and a 'big band' - lineup as follows:

  • 'horn section' -trumpet / alto sax / tenor sax / trombone

  • 'wind' - flute / oboe / clarinet / French horn / bassoon

  • 'strings' or 'string quartet' - violin 1 / violin 2 / viola / 'cello

  • rhythm - piano / double bass / guitar / vibes / drums

The repertoire for this highly  unusual lineup is currently being written by our Artistic Director, Alexander Douglas, with the first full performance scheduled for February 2017

VERITAS : Big Band

The Veritas is a London-based 18-piece big band (usual horns: 5 saxes/4 trumpets/4 trombones) featuring some of the UK's finest jazz musicians alongside rookie jazz pros and professional classical musicians. Imagine the sound and vibe of a gospel choir in a big band - but with more sophisticated harmonies and no lyrics - and you will get the idea! In addition to Alexander's charts, this band aims to play some of the best music written for big band: Kenny Wheeler, Mike Gibbs, Colin Towns and more.

VERITAS : Northern Jazz Orchestra

The Veritas Northern Jazz Orchestra aims to offer the 'Veritas vibe' to Northern musicians and audiences. However, it has the distinction of being the most flexible (and therefore the most versatile) of the Veritas ensembles, ranging from 10-40 players. All lineups will feature non-traditional wind personnel and the larger lineups will be partly due to bigger string sections. This band will play music by composers as diverse as Julian Joseph and Maria Schneider along with charts by Ollie Howell (a founder member of the original Veritas Orchestra) and their MD, Alexander Douglas - and we hope to encourage some Northern jazz composers to write for us as well!