Lifted Voices Choir (LVC)

We are very pleased to be able to offer LVC - our SATB gospel choir - for a variety of different performance situations from weddings to festivals to performances in churches and small concert halls. We are very interested in performing outside of the gospel circuit and our preference for unamplified singing means that we are much more at home in 'classical' environments than is usually the case. We are also very keen to play the jazz circuit! Find out more about LVC - we look forward to hearing from you and working with you! 

Workshops / Projects

In addition to the skills and expertise of our Artistic Director, Alexander Douglas, ADM Productions has a national network of choral directors and vocal animateurs with varying interests and specialities. This means that we can cater for a wide variety of needs and our firm commitment to best practice means that we want to ensure that you get the right choral director or vocal leader for your event.

Our workshop leaders can work for flexible workshop durations starting from 90 minutes upwards - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Areas which can be covered:


  • Listening and musicianship awareness for choral singing by ear (without music)

  • Rhythmic and metric awareness and processing

  • Safe choral/vocal practice for beginner and intermediate choral singers

  • Various ways of learning choral music from memory

  • Encouraging choral singers to take greater responsibility for their own output

  • Balance, intonation and breathing (especially when these are new to singers)

  • Stylistic awareness of whatever repertoire is being sung

  • The trade between ‘expression’ and ‘communication’ as a chorus

  • Stressing the need for a wider contextual awareness of the music (but not at the expense of first learning the music itself properly)

  • Rehearsal concept and technique for ensemble directors

  • Interaction between singers and instrumentalists


Our workshop leaders are able to work with: 


  • community groups (adults and young people)

  • pre-existing choirs (some of whom may perhaps be wanting to work on repertoire which is new to them and in which their present MDs have a little less experience/knowledge

  • members of BAME and other ethnic minority communities including refugees and asylum seekers

  • Those considered ‘at risk’ (which could well overlap with the previous bullet point)

  • corporate and cultural sector professionals

  • faith groups

  • participants in a wide range of educational settings - have a look at the 'Information for Schools'

Composition / Arrangement

With two major commissions, several smaller commissions and numerous other writing and arranging projects under his belt, ADM Productions is very pleased to present the availability of Alexander Douglas for a wide range of commissions for a variety of budgets. ADM Productions understands that small organisations will not have ready access to funding for bespoke pieces of music, but depending on the parameters of what is required it may be possible to come to an agreement. 

Alexander is able to write for a variety vocal/choral, instrumental and combinations of both as required. He is an especially skilled and experienced creator of music for choral ensembles, with possibilties being:

  • Choir of up to three parts (SA, SAT, SSA, etc) with accompaniment (chord symbols for piano/guitar in the first instance - fully-notated piano accompaniment is extra and guitar tablature can be negotiated)

  • SAT or SSA choir, a cappella

  • SATB choir, a cappella 

  • SATB choir with accompaniment (depending on style and context)

  • Choir of 5, 6 or 8 parts, either a cappella or accompanied

[ADM Productions does not produce 'backing tracks' at this time but we can recommend some people who offer such services.]

In terms of instrumental ensembles, he is especially comfortable with wind and brass groups but is very happy to score for strings and to write for piano (although these take longer).

Alexander is a experienced creator of music for small jazz ensembles and is currently writing music for two different 18-piece jazz orchestra lineups. He is particularly interested in bringng the soundworld of gospel music into the world of instrumental jazz - just as he is interested in a reciprocal relationship between classical and gospel choral writing.

ADM Productions is currently engaged in an introductory pilot project with Learn to Play Live and we hope to develop our offer to the primary school community further as part of our commitment to music education. Alexander is also scheduled to complete an SSAATTBB arrangement for the Wimbledon Choral Society and two five-part a cappella arrangements for internationally renowned a cappella female quintet Black Voices by the end of 2016. So please get in touch with us to find out how we can create some new music especially for you!