Veritas (& larger ensembles)

ADM Productions is very pleased to present the Veritas family for hire:


  • Veritas: Orchestra (VO) [London, available February 2017]

  • Veritas: Big Band (VBB) [London]

  • Veritas Northern Jazz Orchestra [Manchester and the North]

Each of these ensembles will offer a quite distinctive listening experience due to the depth of concept that informs the ethos of both bands. Our musicians are really good at entertaining, but we also aim to create space for real reflection for our audience. So these bands will lend something very special to your event and create a vibe that will linger in the memory.

ADM Productions is also able to create bespoke ensembles that do not fit the formats above for whatever reason/s. Please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Alex Douglas Quartet (ADQ)

[+ SOLO, Saravan & Alex Douglas Trio]

ADM Productions is very pleased to be able to present our Artistic Director, Alexander Douglas, in the mode in which his professional musical career started - as a jazz pianist and bandleader. Now older, wiser, and with a formidable arsenal of ideas and concepts informed by his other professional activities beyond music and well as within music but away from jazz, Alex Douglas has come 'home' at last.

Although the quartet has always been his favourite format, his preferred choice of partners will not always be available and so Alex has been working on his solo piano concept, which informs his trio playing. However, we are also resurrecting his septet, Saravan, which offers a wonderful sound that is genuinely original - flute/alto flute (Rowland Sutherland), alto/soprano saxes (Tony Kofi), trumpet/flugelhorn (Trevor Walker) and soprano vocal (Brigitte Beraha) with bass guitar (Daniel Drury) and drums (Julien Brown) - bringing the heartbeat of gospel into the world of jazz in a slightly different way to his other projects.

We look forward to sharing Alexander's vision for small-band jazz with you!


With two major commissions, several smaller commissions and numerous other writing and arranging projects under his belt, ADM Productions is very pleased to present the availability of Alexander Douglas for a wide range of commissions for a variety of budgets. ADM Productions understands that small organisations will not have ready access to funding for bespoke pieces of music, but depending on the parameters of what is required it may be possible to come to an agreement. 

Alexander is able to write for a variety vocal/choral, instrumental and combinations of both as required. He is an especially skilled and experienced creator of music for choral ensembles, with possibilties being:

  • Choir of up to three parts (SA, SAT, SSA, etc) with accompaniment (chord symbols for piano/guitar in the first instance - fully-notated piano accompaniment is extra and guitar tablature can be negotiated)

  • SAT or SSA choir, a cappella

  • SATB choir, a cappella 

  • SATB choir with accompaniment (depending on style and context)

  • Choir of 5, 6 or 8 parts, either a cappella or accompanied

[ADM Productions does not produce 'backing tracks' at this time but we can recommend some people who offer such services.]

In terms of instrumental ensembles, he is especially comfortable with wind and brass groups but is very happy to score for strings and to write for piano (although these take longer).

Alexander is a experienced creator of music for small jazz ensembles and is currently writing music for two different 18-piece jazz orchestra lineups. He is particularly interested in bringng the soundworld of gospel music into the world of instrumental jazz - just as he is interested in a reciprocal relationship between classical and gospel choral writing.

ADM Productions is currently engaged in an introductory pilot project with Learn to Play Live and we hope to develop our offer to the primary school community further as part of our commitment to music education. Alexander is also scheduled to complete an SSAATTBB arrangement for the Wimbledon Choral Society and two five-part a cappella arrangements for internationally renowned a cappella female quintet Black Voices by the end of 2016. So please get in touch with us to find out how we can create some new music especially for you!

Workshops / Projects

We have become increasingly concerned about the fact that television programmes such as X-Factor and 'Britain's Got Talent' are doing a great deal to promote the idea that success as a musical performer is (literally) all about doing what pleases your audience. ADM Productions has a non-puritannical approach to music and music education, or else we would not be triangulating across three genres of music that requirs such radicallly different ways of thinking in music! But we most certainly draw the line of musical pluralism at the point where every way of thinking and expressing yourself in music is equally valid - and we want to encourage as many musicians as possible to discover their own identity - and then work as hard as they can to become the best versions of who they are!

We know that resources for special projects and programmes are in short supply and we really want to support our colleagues here in the North of England and beyond in values-based jazz education work. We are looking to quietly develop a strand of work through our own educational initiatives and to raise funding to support young people who might not otherwise be able to participate. But we really want to work collaboratively with other organisations where we can and offer our skillsets (individual and collective) to young people whom we might never reach otherwise. And with two members of our core team being qualified teachers, we offer a significant level of pedagogical knowhow along with technical and musical creativity - so please get in touch with us to learn more - and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to our next workshop event, Playing Stories..