Choral Workshops (including 'Come and Sing' events)  

In addition to the skills and expertise of our Artistic Director, Alexander Douglas, ADM Productions has a national network of choral directors and vocal animateurs with varying interests and specialities. This means that we can cater for a wide variety of needs and our firm commitment to best practice means that we want to ensure that you get the right choral director or vocal leader for your event.

Our workshop leaders can work for flexible workshop durations starting from 90 minutes upwards - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Areas which can be covered:


  • Listening and musicianship awareness for choral singing by ear (without music)

  • Rhythmic and metric awareness and processing

  • Safe choral/vocal practice for beginner and intermediate choral singers

  • Various ways of learning choral music from memory

  • Encouraging choral singers to take greater responsibility for their own output

  • Balance, intonation and breathing (especially when these are new to singers)

  • Stylistic awareness of whatever repertoire is being sung

  • The trade between ‘expression’ and ‘communication’ as a chorus

  • Stressing the need for a wider contextual awareness of the music (but not at the expense of first learning the music itself properly)

  • Rehearsal concept and technique for ensemble directors

  • Interaction between singers and instrumentalists

Our workshop leaders are able to work with: 


  • community groups (adults and young people)

  • pre-existing choirs (some of whom may perhaps be wanting to work on repertoire which is new to them and in which their present MDs have a little less experience/knowledge

  • members of BAME and other ethnic minority communities including refugees and asylum seekers

  • Those considered ‘at risk’ (which could well overlap with the previous bullet point)

  • corporate and cultural sector professionals

  • faith groups

  • participants in a wide range of educational settings - have a look at the 'Information for Schools'

  Projects (and other engagements) 

ADM Productions has a quite considerable amount of in-house expertise in the areas of project conception and execution and collaborative knowhow (and desire!). Our own self-generated project activities are exciting areas of growth for us, but at the same time we are very keen to develop more collaborative relationships/partnerships in which our skills, experience and values-driven way/s of working facilitate the realisation of other visions in ways that would not be quite the same if we were not involved.

We are very interested in delivering (or being part of delivering) projects that have already been commissioned. We are equally interested in being commissioned ourselves. And there are a number of other ways in which we can work and collaborate. Please get in touch with us to find how we can work together!


ADM Productions has a considerable network of musicians and singers, many of whom are fluent in more than one way of working. We are always happy to discuss potential opportunities for the Aletheian Ensemble and we wish to encourage more people to book period ensembles for baroque music performances! However, we can also provide chamber orchestral ensembles with modern instruments as the Veritas Chamber Orchestra, and we can fix a variety of other classical instrumental chamber ensembles (e.g. duo, trio, quartet) - please let us know your ideas for your event!


We can also supply vocal ensembles to suit a reasonably wide range of requirements and budgets - again, please get in touch to find out about the possibilities.