Lang Wudu Music Walk


Map by Talya Baldwin

Click on the play buttons below to hear sound clips for the story. The Numbers on the sound clips correlate to the numbers on the map so you need to listen to them when you're in that location

1. Ecclesia

2. Quarry in the Woods

3. Cruel and Unusual

4. The Project

5. John’s House

6. Blake’s Regress

7. Dona Nobis Pacem

How to find St Marks Church:

Address: St Mark's Road, Longwood, Huddersfield, HD3 4SZ

Buses run from the centre of Huddersfield and there is plenty of on road parking.


Guidance: We recommend that walkers have suitable clothing, footwear, food and drink, that the highway code is observed and any litter is taken home after the walk.

8. Untold Stories

9. Stuart’s Song

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Musician and composer Alexander Douglas has created a new piece of music inspired by the history and architecture of Longwood (Lang Wudu in Old English). Alexander believes that "where words fail, music speaks" and inspired by the fascinating story of the unemployed workers who built Nab End Tower in Longwood for pleasure he has pushed usual boundaries to create a rare composition for a saxophone quartet. 


At the Meet the Artist event in September, guests were treated to afternoon tea at the quirky Edge Accommodation and had the opportunity to hear more about the creative process and how the Lang Wudu piece was composed. Lang Wudu was performed at St Marks Chuch in Longwood by the Hillary Step Quartet


Below you'll find our beautifully hand drawn map from Talya Baldwin, list of directions for the walk and sound pieces that you can click to listen to as you go. As you follow the directions, each number correlates to a QR code and by scanning the code you'll be taken back to this page where you can click on the relevant sound piece for where you are along the walk. 


Don't worry if you've scanned a QR code that is half way through the sequence - you can catch up on the earlier sound pieces in the sequence first and then continue on the walk.


Tips for your safety and comfort

  • There is always an element of risk in any type of outdoor activity. You undertake this self-guided walking route wholly at your own risk.

  • There are sections with steps, cobbles and a grassy slope. All of which can be slippy after and during wet weather. You are advised to wear shoes or boots with good grip.

  • Have your mobile device tucked in a pocket, so you can keep your hands free.

  • Beware of traffic – you cross some roads during the walk.


Enjoy yourself!