Alexander Douglas    

Artistic Director

Alexander Douglas (MA MMus MA FRSA) is not a conventional musician. Despite being one of the least natural entrepreneurs you are ever likely to meet, he has decided that the only route to genuine musical fulfillment is to create an infrastructure around his areas of interest and expertise.


Alexander started his career as a jazz pianist before becoming a choral director. He then began to write and arrange much more seriously before then re-training as a classical choral conductor.And now he works across classical music, jazz and gospel music – as conductor and MD, composer/arranger and pianist.


ADM Productions is the vehicle that will facilitate this incredibly challenging decision to pursue this venture – with several different ensembles – but the biggest rewards must needs necessitate the biggest risks (yes, that is an old-fashioned expression, he specialises in those...). So, in his own words:

"ADM Productions is about much more than me and my tiny mind. What we are trying to achieve here is about so much more than mere music-making. This whole journey we are going on is really about life itself, and what it means to be human and how music helps all those who open themselves to it in that quest for Meaning, Reality and Truth.

So enjoy your look around, and thank you for your interest in ADM Productions!"