In light of our considerable commitment to baroque music at ADM Productions,  from 2016 onwards we would like to consolidate and develop the identity of the Aletheian Ensemble as a out-and-out period instrument ensemble with a particular interest in Protestant European baroque music. We intend to find a way to develop Voces Laus Deo in a similar manner. Our primary inspirations: the Bach Collegium Japan, the Dunedin Consort, the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque soloists and the collaborative relations between the Yale Schola Cantorum and Julliard 415.

As both conductor and theologian, our Music Director, Alexander Douglas, has a very special interest in the intersection of theology and music and one of the hallmarks of these ensembles will be a profound commitment to theologically-informed performances with Alexander's trademark intensity as a music director.

Our aspirations for the Aletheian Ensemble and Voces Laus Deo encompass much more than a) merely entertaining classical music audiences; b) providing work for classical musicians and singers. We know that the fundraising for professional classical music ensembles is itself a long-term project and we would love to hear from anyone who supports our values and who wishes to help us financially in realising this vision. And in common with all the other ADMP ensembles, we want our music-making to actually make a difference and truly mean something to people who take the time and money to come and listen to us!