About ADMP 


Given that we believe in widening participation without compromising on excellence, our vision is to communicate genuine meaning in every aspect of our work – performance, education, new music creation – in classical, jazz and gospel music, thus empowering both our listeners and collaborators to think as well as feel.


Our mission is to create music, inspire music-makers and facilitate listening opportunities to (and for) the highest standards of creativity with integrity in classical, jazz and gospel music of which we (and our participants and collaborators) are capable.

Classical music is something of an enigma in our post-modern world. However, for Alexander, it remains the greatest intellectual challenge in (Western) music.


There is a great deal of non-sacred classical music that interests us greatly – music with real meaning and crafted with enormous integrity. We hope to be able to programme some of it in due course; but at ADM Productions we are focussing on European sacred music (it it is some of the best music ever written!). Music and theology have enjoyed a particularly close relationship since the Reformation and even more so since the Counter-Reformation. The polyphonic innovations of Palestrina were in many ways directly embedded in a genuinely confessional faith, and it is for this reason that from a theological viewpoint one might speculate that J.S. Bach was peculiarly attracted to this music in the so-called “old style” (bear in mind that this is around 1700) because he saw a way to think in faith through music that was not facilitated in the same way by the current conventions.


Mozart, Brahms, Bruckner, Messiaen, Stravinsky and James MacMillan are all composers who are also of particular interest to ADM Productions. 

Jazz – as far as Alexander is concerned – is the single greatest creative challenge in (Western) music.


Classical music is fantastic, and there are times when only gospel music will do. But at other times,  something that is more cerebral than gospel, but not as scripted as classical music is needed! One needs to ‘be’ in that moment - and think outside the boundaries of language. Jazz facilitates a level and a type of musical profundity that simply does not exist in any other Western music genre. Many people still don’t know or understand that the major genius composers of times past were not just ‘composers’ in the way that we construct nowadays. They were consummate improvisers, and in the Western tradition in the 20th and 21st centuries, jazz is the medium par excellence that facilitates the highest levels of improvisatory creativity in music.

ADM Productions is excited to be working in a variety of different ways in both jazz performance and education. Please browse the jazz page for more information about the ways in which we are endeavouring to break new ground in this music...


Gospel music is culturally rooted, but it is also culturally transcendent and here at ADM Productions, we believe that it is for everyone to sing, play and enjoy listening to. And in its purest spiritual manifestations, it is one of the most powerful musical forces on the planet. This means that our ensemble projects represent both Christians and non-Christians. Over the years, our experience has been that many secular people sing sacred (i.e. not just gospel) music with far greater musical integrity than many church members and we are very happy to work with that!


Whatever your reason for choosing to listen to or sing gospel music, we believe that it is our job to be the best and most honest version of ourselves. It has been our privilege to work in this amazing medium of gospel music with people from all walks of life. We’re not sectarian in any way, and we would much rather work with a gospel choir comprised entirely of non-Christians but where the level of discipline and commitment is genuinely high than one in which everyone claims to love Jesus as their saviour, but then the actual music-making is substandard. We would argue that such goings-on could not possibly be a credible witness to the ‘gospel message.’ And this (of course) also means that culture is not important in any way when it comes to singing this music ‘authentically’ – if that were true, Alexander ought not to be conducting Bach and Brahms!


All of our gospel ensembles are committed to the ADM Productions value of making the kind of music that will literally bring peace, joy and even healing to hurting and broken hearts. If we get it right, this music will make a difference in the world. There are new creative directions within this music that we cannot wait to explore...


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